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Lloyd's Marine & Energy U35s Insurance Group Code of Conduct


1. Membership


  1. Any person working in the marine, energy, fine art, specie and war insurance business aged 35 or under shall be entitled to become a member of the Group (“Member(s)”).

  2. Membership of the Group shall be free but attendance at certain events organised by the Group may be subject to a fee to be paid in full by the Member or their employer.

  3. Members must abide by the principles contained within this Code of Conduct. A breach by a Member or their invited guests may result in their removal from the Group.


2. Aim of the Group


  1. The aim of the Group is to promote education and interest in all aspects of marine and energy insurance; to educate members of the marine and energy insurance market; and to facilitate networking and interaction between members of the market. The Group is designed to be an inclusive organisation for the benefit of all its Members and the marine and energy insurance market generally.


3. Conduct of Members


  1. All Members (and any guests they may invite to any events organised by The Group) must adhere to the following principles:​​​

    1. You must accept that the Group works for the benefit of all its Members, irrespective of race, age, sexuality, class, disability, gender, religious or political beliefs or appearance. The Group should be prepared to eliminate all types of discrimination from the way it works, and actively promote equality of opportunity.

    2. You must not unlawfully discriminate against or harass other people including employees, volunteers, attendees/participants, suppliers, or any other person connected with the event.

    3. You must not engage in unwanted conduct or behaviour related to a protected characteristic (gender, ethnicity, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation, gender identity) which an induvial might reasonably find offensive, intimidating, degrading or humiliating.

    4. You must respect the confidentiality of other individuals, whether present or not.

    5. You must treat individuals with respect and consideration.

    6. You must not be a bystander. We encourage Members to challenge inappropriate behaviour as it occurs, provided it is safe to do so.

    7. You must report any incidences of inappropriate behaviour to the event organisers.

  2. Members will be responsible for the conduct of any guests that they have invited to any events organised by The Group.


Please direct any questions or issues relating to our code of conduct to Sophie Seeley at

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