Welcome to the Marine U35s Insurance Group

The Marine U35 Insurance Group is a non-profit organisation and is comprised of over 1000 young members from all areas of the marine and Energy insurance market, and is represented by a committee of 15 members, who organise lectures, educational visits and social events for our members.

The committee hold monthly meetings in order to discuss new ideas for training; lectures; educational trips and social events, the details of which will be available on this site.

Please visit the website to find out details of our upcoming events and trips. We organise educational visits throughout the year, which tend to be approximately 1 – 5 days in length, where we visit locations such as ports and shipyards in places such as Hamburg, Rotterdam and Piraeus.

Each year, we also arrange a day at the Royal Courts of Justice in conjunction with Ince and Co, which offers our members an insight into the work of commercial courts.

In addition to this, we also arrange an annual educational tour which will be about 2 weeks in duration and covers a range of marine topics. Recent trips organised by the Marine U35 Insurance group have seen delegates travelling to places such as India, Dubia, Singapore, the USA and Europe.

Finally, throughout the year, we organise a number of social events including our parties, quiz nights and plenty more!

Email Address admin@marineu35s.co.uk

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